Fast Auto-Focus

In just 0.5 seconds, PowerConf C202 will automatically focus on you or anything you move into frame so your meeting continues without a hitch.

AnkerWork Software

For uninterrupted video conferencing experiences, use the AnkerWork software to effortlessly control image settings and adjust the field of view.

Ready When You Are

Stop fumbling with multiple devices and cables to plug in. Be ready and professional for every meeting when you plug and play PowerConf C202 with the included USB 2.0 cable.

Work From Anywhere

Automatic brightness correction works no matter where you are, including in low-light settings. Look professional whether you’re holding your meeting in your living room, home office, or even the kitchen table.

On a Business Trip

Take PowerConf C202 with you anywhere. Slip it into your work bag and easily set it up for a meeting right in your hotel room. Adjust the field of view to just keep you in frame and looking your best, even under fluorescent or yellow lights.

Your Workspace

PowerConf C202 can be easily mounted on your desktop monitor, even in makeshift workspaces. Easy set up and adjustable settings let any space be your professional workspace.