60* Days Hassle-Free

Vacuum your home without getting your hands dirty. The Self-Empty Station helps you keep dust away for up to 60* days.

Triple Dust Filtration

Triple filtration keeps your home pure with minimal amounts of dust and allergens escaping when G40 Hybrid+ transfers debris to the Self-Empty Station.

Efficient Dust Transfer

G40 Hybrid+ dumps up to 97%* of vacuumed dust into the Self-Empty Station—getting ready for the next clean.

Reliable Performance

Let G40 Hybrid+ do all the heavy lifting with 2,500Pa of suction backed by roller brushes that sweep up even dust and debris.

2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

Make floors sparkle with G40 Hybrid+'s 2-in-1 design—first vacuuming up dust, then giving floors a fresh shine.

Logical Pathfinding

G40 Hybrid+ plans its route ahead of time to clean every spot of your home efficiently—saving time.

So Slim it Goes Under Furniture

G40 Hybrid+ is so slim at 72.4mm that it can slip under tight furniture to clean hidden messes.

Quiet & Distraction-Free

When G40 Hybrid+ vacuums, you won't hear it thanks to its 55 dB volume—so you can continue to relax at home.

App Control

With the EufyHome app, you can accomplish all your vacuuming needs from wherever you are with zero effort.