All You Will Ever Need

BionicMind™️ Meets Forever Power in 4K Detail.

Colour Night Vision

The built-in starlight sensor and F/1.4 aperture let in all available light to show you true colour.

Notice 4K Ultra HD Detail

With 4K UHD, you'll see the small details of any person that walks onto your property.

BionicMind™️ Recognition

BionicMind™ differentiates between family and strangers with facial recognition to filter alerts.

Expand Your Local Storage

Up to 16TB of expandable storage available with a hard drive.

Centralized Security

Manage your eufy security ecosystem from one central location with HomeBase 3.

Two-Way Audio

Communicate with anyone who walks onto your property.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Built Tough for Any Weather

With IP65 weatherproof protection, eufyCam 3C is guarded against rain and dust storms.

Quick Setup for All-Around Protection

Secure your home in just a few minutes with installation free from complicated wires, and then stay protected 24/7 with the wide 135° wide-angle lens.

Filter False Alarms

No more alerts about family members coming home—you decide when it's important to receive a notification.

Get Daily Security Briefings

Receive a customized security report on your schedule with BionicMind™ giving you important info ahead of time to take action.

Understand in a Glance

Get in-depth knowledge of your security in seconds with categorized events and the power to search by faces and objects.

Monitor Only the Areas You Want

Set activity zones to finetune your security for peace of mind.

Motion Sensing Spotlight

Frighten would-be intruders and see what's happening outside your home. The motion activated spotlight ensures a clear image, even at night.

Seamless Expansion Bay Cover

The expansion bay for adding a hard drive is easy to access with a press and barely noticeable when closed.