eufy Smart Scale P3

eufy Smart Scale P3

Eufy Robovac G35+, G40 Hybrid+ Dust Bag

Eufy Robovac G35+, G40 Hybrid+ Dust Bag

eufy RoboVac X10 Pro Omni

eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop, 8,000 Pa Suction, Auto Mop Wash/Dry, Self-Emptying, Self-Refilling, Auto-Lift Dual Mops, Obstacle Avoidance.

  • Powerful 8,000 Pa Suction for a Deeper Clean: X10 Pro Omni effortlessly removes hidden debris in carpets, including pet hair, for clean floors in just one pass.
  • All-in-One Station for Hands-Free Cleaning: X10 Pro Omni's mop pads are washed using clean water, then dried with 45°C heated air to prevent bad odor and the growth of bacteria. Its dust bin is emptied into the station's 2.5L dust bag, which only needs to be replaced every 2 months. The 3L clean water tank provides enough water to mop a 150 sqm home 2-3 times.
  • MopMaster 2.0 for Spotless Floors: With 180 rotations per minute and 1 kg of downward pressure, X10 Pro Omni's dual mop pads easily eradicate stains and leave you with floors that shine. When a carpet is detected, the mops automatically lift by 12 mm to prevent it getting wet.
  • AI.See Smart Cleaning: X10 Pro Omni features advanced obstacle avoidance. It's capable of identifying over 100 different objects like wires, shoes, and toys, even at night.
  • Auto-Detangling Roller Brush: The roller brush rotates in reverse and the Pro-Detangle Comb flips down to loosen and remove hair that's wrapped around the roller brush, so you don't have to.
  • iPath Laser Navigation: Our exclusive technology creates efficient cleaning routes around your home.
  • Customisable AI.Map 2.0: Create No-Go Zones, virtual boundaries, and more so that X10 Pro Omni cleans your space in the way you want it.
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Fur-Free Floor After One Pass

X10 Pro Omni’s powerful suction leaves nowhere for pet hair to hide, ensuring hard floors are left spotless after just one pass.

The Carpet Cleaning Expert

X10 Pro Omni’s multi-directional floating roller brush is positioned close to the surface of the carpet. As it spins, the rubber and bristles work together to lift up and remove debris. It’s ideal for pet hair, crumbs and even fine debris and dust from the deepest part of the carpet.

High-Efficiency Filter For Healthier Air

X10 Pro Omni’s dust bin is equipped with a filter to trap microscopic particles including dust, pollen, mold and bacteria as small as 0.3cm. Less allergens are released into the air, making it ideal for people with allergies.

Remove Tangled Hair For You

X10 Pro Omni’s dust bin is equipped with a filter to trap microscopic particles including dust, pollen, mold and bacteria as small as 0.3cm. Less allergens are released into the air, making it ideal for people with allergies.

A Mop That Scrubs As Hard As You Do

X10 Pro Omni doesn’t just wipe your floors. It uses 1 kg of downward pressure to scrub the floor vigorously to remove stubborn stains, just like you would.

Clean Right Up To The Edge

X10 Pro Omni’s mop pads are able to clean up to the edges of the room for a sparkling finish throughout the space.

Remove Stubborn Stains With Ease

The always-wet mop ensures there’s a constant flow of fresh water that can even remove dried-on stains. Pentagon-shaped mop pads minimize the gap between the mops as they rotate for improved coverage.

Carpets Stay Dry

When a carpet is detected, X10 Pro Omni raises its mop by 12mm so that it can climb onto medium pile carpets and vacuum without soaking them.


X10 Pro Omni’s dust bin is automatically emptied into the station’s 2.5L dust bag. Thanks to its large capacity, it only needs replacing every 2 months*.

*The All-in-One Station seals dust in a 2.5L bag, good for 60 days in a 3-person household without pets, 45 days with 2 pet, and 30 days with 2 pets.


X10 Pro Omni returns to the station to wash its mop pads using clean water. The All-in-One Station’s base can be easily detached to make cleaning convenient and easy.


The 3L clean water tank provides X10 Pro omni with enough water to mop a 1,500 - 2,000 sq ft (150 sq m) home 2-3 times*.

*Data from testing conducted in eufy’s laboratory.


After being washed clean, the mop pads are dried with 45°C heated ait for 2 hours* to prevent bad odour and the growth of bacteria.

*Data from testing conducted in eufy’s laboratory.

Smart, So It Doesn’t Get Stuck

AI.See recognises an extensive range of objects, including toys, slippers, trash cans, cables, and more, so it can clean messy rooms without getting stuck.

Clean, Even In The Dark

The LED sensor makes sure that AI.See delivers accurate obstacle recognition and avoidance under the bed, beneath the sofa, or at night.

Automatically Plans Cleans For You

X10 Pro Omni’s Smart mode uses AI.See technology to recognise different rooms in your home, then tailors suction and water flow to the scenario for the best results.

Your Privacy Is Protected

X10 Pro Omni only uses images to recognise obstacles, but never saves them to protect your family’s privacy. It’s also certified with TUV Rheunland ETSI EN 303 645 Cyber security standards for added peace of mind.

Advanced App Control

Select specific rooms to clean, set up No-Go Zones, adjust clean patterns, and use Multi-Floor Mapping for homes with two or more floors.

Clean More Areas

Don’t worry if there’s obstacles on the floor and you haven’t set up No-Go Zones, X10 Pro Omni will navigate around them for greater cleaning coverage. However, you can create No-Go Zones in the app if you want to block the robot vacuum entering that area.

One Robot For All Floors

Create and store maps for up to 5 levels. X10 Pro Omni with automatically recognize where its cleaning, so all you have to do is put the robot down on the floor.

Tailor The Clean To Your Home

Go to “Add Scenario” in the app to customise various cleaning tasks to suit your needs.

Clean on Your Command

If your phone is out of reach, simply use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for zero effort voice-controlled cleaning.


Robot: 327 x 353 x 113.5 mm All-in-One Station: 366 x 480 x 460mm

What’s In The Box

Omni Station, 2. Robot, 3. Detachable Base, 4. Power Cord and 5. Support Documents.

More Features

The X10 Pro Omni also includes these exciting features, Child Lock Protection, Floating Roller Brush, Recharge and Resume, Voice Reminders.



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