Power Your Home All At Once

Run several appliances simultaneously with 6,000W.

Backup Power for a Week

Power your home for a day with 3.84kWh. Expand to 26.9kWh with 6 batteries.

Reliable and Long-Lasting

Enjoy long-lasting InfiniPower technology for 10 years.

Charge Your EV Conveniently

Avoid grounding accessories. Just plug in your EV charging cable through the EV Socket (3,000W).

Relax with Easy RV Power

Power your road trip and RV appliances.

Customise Power for Max Savings

Maximise your monthly power savings with customised settings in the Anker app.

Take Massive Power Anywhere

Roll easily thanks to industrial-grade wheels or carry with handles at the top and bottom.

More Fast-Charging Options

Choose whatever fast-charging works best for you.