Fresh Food for 42H

Pack full two days of meals for weekend adventures with up to 42 hours of freshness (tested with an ambient temperature of 25°C, at 4°C when the battery is fully charged).

Fast Cooling and Precise Temperature Control

Get accurate temperature adjustments from -20 to +20°C. The temperature drops quickly from 25°C to 0°C in 30 minutes, so you’ll always have fresh food safe to eat.

0% Ice, 100% Storage

Double your storage capacity with an iceless system, this allows you to pack more of your favorite foods and drinks without the mess.

299Wh Detachable Battery

Stay powered and connected, even if you don't need the cooler. The 299Wh removable battery has a 60W PD USB-C and two 12W USB-A ports.

100W Solar Input Charging

Replenish the battery with easy, eco-friendly solar energy from the 100W solar input. It makes road trips permanent with clean power.

EasyTow™ Suitcase Design

No heavy lifting is required, just easy movement thanks to the EasyTow™ handle and EverFrost's durable wheels. It also comes with an extendable table and bottle opener for easier outdoor dining anywhere.

App Remote Control

Forgot to set EverFrost? No problem with the Anker app. Just control remotely for ideal temperature and ultimate food freshness and quality.

What's in the Box

Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler 33L, 299Wh battery, 95W charger, car charging cable, user manual.