Premium Lightning Cable

Our customers and the media all agree on one thing: this cable is probably the best Lightning cable.

It boasts increased durability, faster charging, faster data transfer and compatibility with almost all cases. Give your iPhone the treatment it deserves.

  • MFI Certified for Peace of Mind
  • Gold Plating Resists Wear and Corrosion



Lasts 4X Longer
Solving the iPhone’s biggest problem doesn’t require any special tools. Just an Anker cable with increased strength and durability.
Aramid Fiber Reinforcement
Bulletproof-fiber reinforcement ensures unprecedented tensile strength. Able to support up to 80KG it offers complete peace of mind.
Gold-Plated Connections
Gold offers unbeatable conductivity and corrosion resistance. This cable utilizes those characteristics to offer superior connectivity and longevity.
Faster Charging
With its thicker-gauge wire, charging and data speeds reach high levels. Save time every time you recharge.